Best Primer For Combination Skin

Best Primer For Combination Skin

It’s slightly difficult to work with a combination of skin. Few areas of the skin will be much oil in pores whereas some areas will be excessive dry. So it is complicated to find the one that fulfills your needs as well as best for your combination skin. Are you looking for the best primer that can meet your needs and delicate balance between both the oily and dry areas of your skin? There are a lot of reliable products available on the market today. Here in this guide, you’ll find the best primer products for combination skin. Below we listed some of the greatest primers for combination skin.

What is a primer for combination skin?

Primer is basically used for combination skins; it’s basically making a protection among your makeup and your skin. It’s also best for any type of skin, means it can works on all types of skins, whether it’s acne-prone, oily or dry. It makes your skin smooth and aids keep your face from vanishing.

A primer is actually a base for the makeup that makes the skin more beautiful and smoother. The best primer you can get will hold the makeup on your skin for plenty of hours. In addition to, it also reduces the visibility of dark circles, open pore, and fine lines, giving an even, perfect base to make your skin more brighten.

What does Primer do for your face?

Before makeup, you need to make use of a primer on your face. It has many advantages, as it makes a layer over your skin making it charming and even. Also, it shields your face from the foundation as it won’t allow your makeup to clog your pores.

Before starting with the primer you must first clean your face by washing and then moisturize.

Is Primer good or bad for acne?

The primer provides a smooth, nice finish to the face, it also aids the makeup last longer, and it can be a great alternative to cream for people with bad skin. For those people who have acne, they need to make use of primer so it will help to fill in large pores. Keep away from primers finished by silicone, a normal ingredient.

5 best primer for combination skin

Premium Foundation Makeup Primer

Premium Foundation Makeup Primer covers the needs of vitamins and antioxidants in your skin. This product primer works pretty well as a moisturizer and it leaves your face feeling smooth and even. This premium foundation makeup is best to make use of sensitive and oily skin. Also, it is a great choice for those who have combination skin. In addition to, it will help to get rid of excessive oil, redness and that annoying itchy, flaky and dry face.


Versatile product

Non-greasy texture

Moderate price


Might cause allergies

DHC Velvet Skin Coat

If you are searching for a great looking foundation that stays in place for a long time period, then DHC Velvet Skin Coat is the best choice for you. The product comes with the ingredients that are listed all the chemicals that are three miles long. This is ever never a great sign while the ingredients are strange sounding chemicals that you cannot say or that you have not ever listened of. Overall, you can make use of this primer on the neck and the hands as well.


Improves skin texture

Applies quickly & easily


Can only be bought online

Mattifying Toner, Dual Phase for Facial Oil Control & Matte Skin – Instant Natural

Mattifying Toner, Dual Phase for Facial Oil Control & Matte Skin is one of the best primers in the amazon market. The primer acts like super glue because when you put your makeup on your face, you will have it on for plenty of hours. This primer works pretty well and gives your skin that cool feeling like some alcohol-based primers does. Overall, few of the customers complained, that this primer was useless in absorbing skin oil.


Worked well

Makes your skin less oily


Odors disgusting but the smell does dissipate once it’s dry.

Foundation Primer 3oz Gel Infused Pore Eraser Serum Master Prime

While you put this primer on your face it feels like you are covering velvet that keeps your foundation in place all day. It will make your skin fresh and shiny. In addition to, Foundation Primer 3oz Gel Infused Pore Eraser Serum Master Prime is also water-resistant but it doesn’t mean you should try bathing and go swimming with this primer on. Overall, this primer can work on any type of skin but its best for dry and combination types of skin.






Organic Natural Concealer Paste for Imperfect Skin

PCA SKIN Sheer Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 45

The product offers a lot of advantages to their users. It goes on light and works pretty well under foundation. This PCA SKIN Sheer Tint Broad Spectrum sounds like it is a sunscreen primer. The only weakness of this primer has is that it does not cover the dark spots on the skin but it goes on pretty lightly. According to the customer review, it seems to be a high-quality primer product.


Protect skin

Perfect for your skin


A bit tinted


Above are some truly good primers out there to be used for people with combination skin types. These primers are particularly designed to fulfill the unique requirements of your combination type of skin. These product primers are also affordable and reasonable in prices; means you can buy it easily even without expanding the budget. If you are on a limited budget then these primers should fit well. In addition to, these best primers are not only limited to combination skin type, but it also covers sensitive, oily, and dry types of skin.

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