Green The Most Underrated Color For Dressing

Green The Most Underrated Color For Dressing

Green is not only the color of nature but nurtures too. You might have seen the green color for showing the lively side of anything. This color is associated with prosperous life as well. However, the green color is the most underrated color when it comes to dressing.  But the matter of the fact is that this color as its name is evergreen. You can wear it on all occasion, events, and parties.  Wear this cool, charming, appealing and attracting color to drive the attention of people. The color definitely will make people go insane and watch you like buffalo with opened eyes.

In today’s post, I shall draw your attention towards the lively, charming and amazing green color.  People mostly don’t consider it while shopping for any event. The reason behind its diminishing is the rumors of the people. If you see the other side of the coin you will be shocked. After reading this and watching the cool inspiration photos your mind will make up to buy green dresses for sure.

The best thing about the green dress is that you can wear it throughout all the seasons. No matter summer or winter just buy a moderate and appropriate hue of green and rock your style. For instance, in summer buy a light green attires and you can opt for darker shades in winters.


Green for different seasons

How to wear green in winter?

If you are of the belief that green won’t be going to stop the coldness of the season with its hot and appealing look then you are wrong. You can dress up according to the seasons. Opt for coats, skirts or maxi, wool shirts, sweaters of green color to achieve pulchritudinousness. You can experiment with the green hue and brought an edge to your outfits.

In winters you can opt for green coats. The best part about the green coat is, whatever you wear underneath will go with it.

How to wear green in summer?

Go for lightweight green attires to get the complementing personality. In summers, when everything almost warms up, you can wear light, comfy cool green dress to freshen up everything. It makes you look fresh and elegant simultaneously.

The amazing combination of green

You can mix up your green color dress to make your look stand out. The green color goes with every color. It adds more details to the outfit if you mix it with other colors.

Green + Green or yellow

Green + white

Green + black

Green + grey

Green + red

Dos and don’ts of wearing Green


  • Find your perfect fit
  • Do find the appropriate hue according to season
  • Do match with different hues to make a signature outfit


  • Do not underrate the color
  • Don’t try to mix it with rainbow

The fresh and lively green color makes you look attractive and younger than your age. The color has the capacity to absorb almost every color in it. Try different experiments and make an edgy signature look.

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  1. Barry Bullard January 3, 2019 at 3:02 am - Reply

    I have been looking for some good clothing options for my wife’s birthday.  It’s really a hard task and was having a hard time on deciding what color type to go with.  I’m so glad i found this post as it looks like green is definitely the way to go!

    Will definitely try to get some different outfits so she can have a signature look!

    • admin January 3, 2019 at 3:33 am - Reply

      Hey Barry, Happy New Year. I am so glad that I could help you on your decision. Green is elegant, have style, is a color that no alots use because they don’t know how, so when your wife goes to a party, she will be the center of attencions on a good way. Good choice!



  2. Christine January 3, 2019 at 3:19 am - Reply

    Wow! I love the green dresses. When I shop for dresses, I seldom see green colors. Maybe I did not look for green :).

    I like the fact that green dress is good for every season, light green for summer and darker green for winter.

    You are right, green goes well with most colours. Look at those dresses match with different colours, there are so beautiful.

    • admin January 3, 2019 at 3:28 am - Reply

      Thank you Christine, Happy New Year; we should where more Green, is a beautiful color for sure and yes, we can do lots of combinations. 



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