Red – The Elegance Enhancer

Red – The Elegance Enhancer

“Red is the ultimate cure for sadness.”

Bill Blass

Besides the black and white dress, Red dress will be your elegance enhancer.  As in our previous posts, you can get inspiration to wear black or white. This post will enable you to develop a healthy and rational attitude to wear Red. Red; when it comes to wearing, i.e. dresses it is the most versatile color. You can add new styles to look elegant and stylish.

According to Wikipedia:

Red, the elegance enhancer is a “phenomenon in which people wearing red clothing, such as a red dress, are perceived to be more sexually appealing.”

Not only you tend to appeal in terms of only one context, but you are more likely to get more attention while wearing Red. If we talk about psychology, red color denotes confidence, energy, independence, and competence.

How to wear a Red dress?

The dynamic red dress in your wardrobe is a bonus point for you. No matter where you are going, regardless of occasion you can opt for red and rock your elegance. You might have seen the endless shades of Red. The only thing which you should keep in your mind while purchasing red dress is opting for the appropriate shade of red. Not every shade will make you look elegant. However, you can try 4-5 shades to choose one that suits the most.

3 steps to keep in your mind while wearing red:

  1. select the appropriate shade

The first step in this regard is your skin tone identification. Your skin tone can be identified according to the color of your veins. Bluish or purple color of veins indicates a cool skin tone. The green color of veins denotes a warm skin tone. However, if your veins do not show any strong color it indicates a neutral skin tone.


  1. Cuts and styles

Generally, ladies wear short red dresses, but it is appropriate to wear a long red dress. The length depends on your height and body shape.  If you are tall you can wear a long red dress. If your height is normal, use little short red dress.

  1. Accessories

As you know the red dress is dynamic and versatile, you can wear almost every type of footwear. However, make sure you are wearing almost matching color shoes or neutral black or white shoes.  You can wear white color accessories, i.e. necklace, earrings etc.

Dos and don’ts of RED


If you are going to a formal event and wearing a red dress, minimize your accessories.

If you are tall do not wear a short red dress.

Do not be too matchy-matchy.


Wear a brighter shade of red dress if you are going to attend a daytime event.

Go for a lighter shade if you are going at night.

Stick to neutral color while choosing accessories.

Wear a long red dress if you are tall.

You can get the inspiration and idea to wear red by the photos above. If you are a bit puzzled, don’t hesitate to message us to get a solution to your anxiousness.

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