What To Wear Dress Codes

What To Wear Dress Codes

Choosing the right and appropriate dress is always a tough task for me. I have seen many people facing the same difficulty. People seem to be confused in types of occasions and what to wear. We usually in confusion chose the attire which just bombs our overall look. Hence decrease our elegance and style. There are dress codes for different occasions, one has to be very smart if they want to rock and look elegant wherever one goes. In this blog, you will get to know about the Dress codes and What to wear at different occasions, places etc.

  1. What to wear at University?

It is the need of the hour to look elegant, beautiful and stunning. Students must look good if they want to attract the fellow students. Nothing works as good in this regards as an appropriate dress works. In university, you are not supposed to wear a dress you wear to a wedding or any party. But you have to wear any casual and comfy dress to look pulchritude and stay comfortable at the same time. Following are some of the dress codes/ideas for you:

  1. What to wear at Interview?

The interview is all about getting evaluated. If you want to get a job you have to make a good impression.  How you dress for an interview is a big part for making the First Impression. You are not supposed to buy many dresses or expensive attires, but you have to be a bit careful and smart to look Elegant. If you are wondering that what will help you to make your impression you have landed in the right place. Following are the Dress; what to wear for an interview female and male:

There are some don’ts of an interview which help you to rock your interview and helps in making your impression.

  • Don’t wear Flashy and bright colors.
  • Don’t wear a blazer if you are going casual.
  • Don’t use a high fragrance perfume
  • Don’t overdo the makeup
  • Don’t wear heavy accessories
  1. What to wear to a wedding?

Dress codes for weddings are now easy to understand. You are invited to a wedding and are unable to decide what to wear? The most important thing while buying clothes for a wedding is don’t buy clothes that distract people from looking at the bride or draw intentions to you.  The season plays a big part in wedding attire’s selection. Choose your wedding attire according to the season. Following are the dress codes for the wedding:

  1. What to wear at Party?

Going on party and confused what to wear? Let it be a holiday party, birthday party or any other party you want to look marvelous, Right? The most important thing in this regard is to wear the attires accordingly.  The Party dresses are most likely to be casual outfits.  Following are the compilation of attires 2018 for the party:

The compilation of above dresses will surely help you in understanding your occasion’s attire need. You have to go wearing appropriate dress for each occasion. These are the simple things that help you a lot in enhancing your elegance, style and overall look.

Conclusion – Tip:

You can where what you want, and where you want, but try to be appropriated dress for the place and occasion. You gone fill much more comfortable.

Be happy, simple, with no intention to show off too much, and the results will be better than you aspect.

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  1. Michele October 27, 2018 at 8:30 am - Reply

    Hi Telma,

    Yes great post,  university, interview, wedding,  party,  good variety of occasions and what to wear.

    Casual wear to university and parties might overlap,  I guess,  depending on how special the party is!

     Always nice to dress up!

    I agree, a must for interviews is  a suit , or perhaps smart casual? 

    For males and perhaps also for women and I don’t mean jeans!  

    Is a nice pair of trousers good for a male at an interview with a smart, jacket perhaps, colour coordinated but not THE, suit jacket?

    The overall impression, I guess, is to let the prospective Employer know , that yes I am serious, I want this job!

    Thank you for your information 


    • admin October 31, 2018 at 11:34 am - Reply

      You are very welcome Michele. Thank you for the comments.

      All the best,


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